Toni Braxton and Birdman Break Off Engagement

Toni Braxton announced that she and long-time friend Birdman were engage in 2018, however, no wedding date was ever set in stone, a fact which was discussed on the most recent season of Braxton Family Values, the reality show she shares with her sisters. The “Unbreak My Heart” looks like she’ll be looking for a new love now as the pair have broken off their engagement. She described him as sweetly courting her through an illness on tour. On The Wendy Williams Show, she told a story about how he followed her on tour as she battled her ongoing illness with lupus while managing 16 tour dates. From there, the relationship grew but has somehow now fizzled out. She posted some sexy pics to her Instagram recently showing that she is already ready to start dating again.

Watch the break down below:



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