The Queen Of Hot Topics Becomes the Hot Topic

If you haven’t been following the Wendy Williams story than you have been missing out! Wendy Williams has been in the game for awhile. She first became famous for being one of the hardest DJs in the tri-state area. She would play music and get artists to come on and ask them the tough questions everyone wanted to know. Her interviews were so direct that Mariah Carey in her song, “Touch My Body” remarked in the lyrics, “Cause baby they be all up in my bidness Like a Wendy interview.” In 2008, she launched her career into television with The Wendy Williams Show. It’s a nationally syndicated show through Debmar Mercury. While she’s had some rocky moments, including racist comments that lost her a huge sponsorship deal with Chevrolet (2 people were fired), the show has managed to stay on top for 10 years. Her contract runs out in 2020.

She is well-known for attacking a variety of celebrities in her 20 minute Hot Topics segment that starts her show and has generated plenty of controversy with celebrities as big as Mariah Carey and Beyonce. She has made a brand over controversial comments. However, it appears that the notoriously private talk show host has now become the hot topic.

Wendy made headlines when she started missing tapings of her popular morning talk show. She missed a December 17th broadcast and when she returned announced that she had a hairline fracture in her should but offered no explanation of how she broke her shoulder. She announced in 2018 that she had Graves disease and she has talked about her thyroid problems and her other health issues that caused her to go Vegan for several years.

The problems continued when she missed this weeks return of her show asking staff to delay broadcasts of the show for at least a week. However, her health and missing her dates are not the only problem. According to family and staff at the show, she may be getting a divorce soon. Everything is a rumor and nothing more. Her lawyers have already fired angry letters to various people in the media because of the allegations. It has been suspected for awhile that her husband has had a mistress. It came out that he cheated on her while she was pregnant with their son almost 19 years ago. It has been observed that he has owned a condo and house and that a woman lives there. According to these rumors, that woman is now pregnant with his love child and that is a cause for a rift in their marriage. It’s all rumor right now and nothing is clear but if you want a full picture please feel free to watch below:



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