Straight Men are Discovering Anal Sex Toys

Cameron Lee Cowan
2 min readApr 18, 2019

For many men, especially straight men, masturbation is not something that requires a lot of tools. A phone for some stimulae and a hand usually does the trick. Most straight men don’t really think about their prostate or anything really going up “there.” However, times are changing and no surprise, the younger guys are leading the way by discovering that a little ass play can indeed by quite a bit of fun!

Times are Changing

Inconveniently for modern sexuality, the area of greatest stimulation for men is hidden right past the anal sphincter. The prostate is often called the male g-spot. Stimulation in the area can be life-changing and provides a very different orgasm than the organs from penile stimulation. The best part is that while a regular orgasms is a one-and-done affair, you can have as many prostate orgasms as you can take. Don’t believe me? Take it from AbsolutelyBlake, a popular youtuber who has explored his entire body. And I do mean, his entire body.

But……I’m Married!

Anal play when you’re single and without a partner is one thing, but what about when it comes to the married life? For the married folks, male anal stimulation might seem counter-intuitive. In the straight world, what goes where is pretty obvious. Humans have been having sex the same way for 100,000 years. However, thanks to modern technology, men can now enjoy stimulation from their wives and girlfriends and find themselves on their knees or on their back. Check out this couple who talks about “pegging” which is when the woman wears a dildo harness and the man is the one being penetrated. Don’t pucker up! Stay with me on this!

Whatever Your Pleasure, Give it a Try!

Whether you’re enjoying it with a partner or by yourself there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re exploring your butt for the first time. Much of this isn’t naturally intuitive and if you don’t do things correctly you can cause injury, end up in the hospital and then we all start laughing at you on Reddit. So, let’s skip the embarrassing viral picture and do this properly!

  • Make sure to clean the area (if you’re going deeper, grab an enema from your local drug store
  • Lubrication (you wouldn’t run your car without oil right?)
  • Start slow (try a small toy or finger at first)
  • Explore yourself before bringing someone else into it
  • Communicate with your partner
  • Have fun!

Alright guys, have fun enjoying what other straight men are already learning how to do: taking advantage of all the pleasures the human body can offer.



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