Republicans Want to End Globalization

It’s bad for the economy.

No need to mince words on this one. It’s just bad for the economy. The Week reports that in a new book, The Once and Future Worker, Oren Cass blames globalization and immigration on the stagnant living standards and wages that have consumed the Western world since our economies became more interconnected than ever before.

Oren Cass is promoting something that Trump supporters and Sanders supporters can get behind: the economy is not working for the worker, it’s working for the top 1%, however, that’s where the agreements end. The Republicans blame immigrants depressing wages, while Sanders progressives blame the U.S. tax system and the consistent tax handouts to corporations and wealthy individuals. Oren Cass offers up stronger protections for American workers as the solution to our problems which means fewer international trade treaties and strong immigration protection.

The reality is a bit different. Immigration has brought tremendous talent to the American shore. Many of the modern companies were founded by immigrants or their children and immigrants contribute billions to the economy, especially local tax receipts through sales taxes and other consumption taxes.

However, Cass offers a blueprint of how to fight against the economy and multiple Presidents have advocated for, both Republican and Democrat. Rather than helping workers make the transition as our economy changes or doing more to encourage companies to keep workers stateside (like passing universal healthcare or increasing public retirement benefits) Cass offers the right a full-frontal attack on globalization rather than working with a modern, inter-connected global economy. Automation and increased efficiency has been as big a part of our economic changes as off-shoring and outsourcing.

The problem that needs to be solved, is that the economy has changed. Many low-skill jobs have been sent elsewhere, it’s up for American politicians to pick up the pieces and improve the economy. Attacking globalization isn’t the answer.



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