Poverty and Wealth: A Case Study

America is an interesting place, a place of paradoxes. The U.S. economy produced 17.2 Trillion dollars of GDP per year. All our manufacturing and services adds up to a tremendous amount. When you think about that much economic activity, it’s hard to see why we have so much poverty in this country. Poverty is often hard to quantify except through lived experiences of people suffering in poverty and a lack of job opportunities. However, I found this video from a pair of concerned citizens in Louisiana who studied why a state with so much economic activity had such high rates of poverty.

They do an excellent job of breaking down how a state with so much economic opportunity and so much wealth can also be so impossibly poor and behind the rest of the nation. It’s not just the local economy, it also has to do with the tax incentives that companies get simply for doing business in Louisiana. What this structure has created is a state with billions of economic activity and grinding poverty, sometimes within the same zip code.



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