Making a Murderer Update

Cameron Lee Cowan
2 min readApr 18, 2019

Here at Rouges, we’re following the case of Steven Avery who has been profiled in the popular, Making a Murderer Netflix series. Just before Rouges came online, I posted a complete guideto the case. You can read that and dash back here for the latest.

Success of Appeals

Kathleen Zellner started on the case in 2016 and was heavily profiled in the 2nd season of the show. In February of 2019, she got pay dirt when she filed a motion and won the right to appear before the state circuit court again. This month, she filed another massive motion asking for full exoneration and/or a retrial for Avery. The state replied last week and now the new judge must decide the future of the case based on the original motion and the subsequent reply.

New Evidence

The most recent new evidence to come out involves the location of bones at the gravel pit behind the Avery property. Pelvic bones that were not described as human during his 2007 trial were actually returned to the Halbach family. Zellner maintains this act proves they were human and should have been presented at trial before being returned. If the new trial is denied there may be a hearing or other relief, at which point Zellner could present all the evidence she gathered in her experiments during season 2 of the show. It looks pretty damning at this point, the experiments destroyed the prosecution narrative as stated in 2007 and now with the speculation that Halbach may have been killed at the gravel pit, rather than the Avery property, then it appears at the Steven is actually innocent of this crime. As Zellner said, “we aren’t trying to get him canonized as a Saint.”

Avery is an imperfect man, but it appears that this crime is not on him.

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