Lincoln Brings Back Suicide Doors

The Lincoln Motor Company announced that for the 80th anniversary of the iconic Continental, they will offer an iconic design: suicide doors. The Continental was launched for the first time in 1939 and has always been the most luxurious car in the Lincoln lineup.

Officially called “center open doors,” the doors open from a center B column. The design as first launched in 1961 and was hailed as one of the best designs of the period. Originally built on the X style frame, the design was ditched in later models, especially as they did not withstand side-impact crash tests.

The car will be limited edition and only 80 will be produced. The rocker panels will be inscribed with the number of the limited edition. It comes in all the standard colors and also features the luxury that people are used to in a Lincoln, especially the Continental.

See the car and the doors in action in this fun video.



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