How to Give a Great Author Interview

Cameron Lee Cowan
3 min readApr 28


On The Cameron Journal Podcast, I’ve interviewed dozens of authors over the past few years and I always can tell if it’s going to be a good interview or not. If you want to start appearing on podcasts and give a great interview then here is my guide to offering a truly great author interview.

This can be one of the hardest parts for writers. Many writers are afraid of exposure and afraid to putting themselves out there. Don’t worry about putting yourself out there. Most podcast hosts want a good interview and they want you to succeed. If you follow this guide, you can build up your confidence and it will make it easier to talk about yourself and your work.

Prepare your answers

You might not have the questions in advance (I rarely do that) but you can certainly have a few things at the command: your social media, your website, yourself, your title, your plot, and some basic information about your book. This is information that you should have at the ready as it will likely be the first thing the host asks you. As far as everything else, be prepared to talk about your process, how you decided to write your book, and your message or story around how you decided to write the story. A few personal anecdotes are also helpful.

I would caution those who would write down all their answers. This can come off as “canned” and inauthentic. You can keep very simple notes or a basic outline but try to keep things conversational.

Tell us about your plot

This is a very important part of your interview. Telling people the basics of your plot will encourage them to buy your book. This is particularly important for promotional purposes. An interview should inspire people to follow you, sign-up for your email list and hopefully purchase your book! Make sure to have a 30–45 second plot summary ready (the blurb on the back of your book will be helpful!).

Be prepared to talk shop

One of the things I like to do with authors is talk about writing. I always ask about their process. Be prepared to talk shop about writing. What do you read? Who is your favorite author and why? What inspires you? These are things are helpful to have at your command as well. If you’re…



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