Five things I learned from Miss Piggy

Cameron Lee Cowan
3 min readJul 29


For being a puppet-marionette, Miss Piggy is a true celebrity in the old fashioned term of the word. She is a star, an icon, and one of the most recognizable characters the world over. She has been the star of the show since Jim Henson first created the Muppets. She has undergone many changes and updates as the years have gone by but her relatability, charm, and humor transcends the decades. So here is a fun article about all the things I’ve learned from Miss Piggy along the way as a Muppets fanatic.

Never arrive on time

Miss Piggy is famously late. She barely makes her cue to begin performing. She arrives in her own time and space. It’s no fun to show up with everyone else at the same time in all the chaos. In the 1986 Christmas Special, she spends most of the movie behind trying to get to the farmhouse for Christmas and barely makes it on time with a huge entrance.

Always make an entrance

Miss Piggy always lets you know that she has arrived. Whether she is herself or in character, she always makes an entrance. In Muppet Treasure Island (starring Tim Curry!), her entrance into the story is a 65 second segment. Although her entrances aren’t always as elegant as they could be, she is the type of woman that needs the whole room to know that she has arrived. So what did we learn from this? Command the space you occupy and always make an entrance! Let people know that you have arrived and you’re worthy of meeting them.

Never forget to be fabulous

Miss Piggy is always pressed and dressed. No matter where she is, she is ready to work and look great while doing it. The reality is that people judge on appearances. You might not be the best looking and you might even have a giant pig snout on your face, but that is no reason not wearing great clothes, accessories and a good hair do. Take care of yourself, engage in personal hygiene, wear great clothes, get a good hair cut and you’ll be head and shoulders the rest and most importantly, you’ll be fabulous!

Don’t be afraid to stand up to aggression

Miss Piggy is famous for her karate chops and kicks. When Miss Piggy goes off, everyone runs for the hills. She doesn’t take…



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