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China has Opened Police Stations in the US and Canada…Why is No One Talking About This?

When I first saw this story, it was in some right wing publications that I keep an eye on. The one advantage of having parents who are republican, they share all their weird news “sources” with you. This story first appeared over at Epoch Times which is a popular right-wing newsletter and website. I gave it a google to see if I could find a more mainstream source and came up short. The closest I could find was the New York Post (right-leaning) silence from the New York Times and others. The Washington Times (also right-wing) has a story about it but this has yet to hit the mainstream press.

What’s the story? It is very simple. The Chinese government wants to keep a closer eye on its many citizens who live elsewhere around the world, especially on the West Coast of the United States. The CCP has billed these installations and offering services to their citizens but much of what they are supposed to be doing could be done by a traditional consulate or embassy. The real purpose of these police stations is to expand the watchful eye of the CCP on its citizens abroad. It is also important to mention that this kind of surveillance is a violation of international law. Canada has already found out about these stations in Vancouver and Toronto and calls have already been made for the government to shut down these offices.

It is no secret that the Chinese run a heavily surveilled state. They track their citizens movements using big data as well as CCTV cameras and other means. Running afoul of the party in any way can lead to dire consequences. Fan Bing Bing made headlines for basically being disappeared for several months due to a taxation scandal that was handled at the highest levels of the CCP. The intentionally known actress was gone for months and then reintroduced to the world as if nothing had happened. Not much has been heard from her since, no one’s surprise. The CCP might not mind if you lie on your taxes but they take umbrage when you brag about it on a video, in a private plane, on WeChat.

China is trying to extend the read of this surveillance state to its overseas citizens. Whether foreign governments will tolerate this may become an international incident quite quickly. If the US, Canada, and other countries with Chinese populations attempt to shut down these stations or use diplomatic means to have them shut down, relations between China and the West could get frostier.

My main bone to pick with this story other than the implications of having Chinese spy offices in our major cities is that the mainstream media has not talked about this at all. I’m not usually one to complain about certain stories not getting coverage but this should be a far bigger story than it is. The CCP is opening offices to spy on their overseas citizens? In other countries? And what other information are they collecting? It seems like this should be the top story everywhere. This is a time for the government to take action. Yet, not a peep from any source other than right-wing sources. And it’s not a conspiracy theory I was able to verify it at more mainstream outlets but none of the places one would suspect. The Washington Post mentioned but nothing at the New York Times. Seattle Times was silent as well. That is why this story is notable. When something important happens and no one is talking about it the thinking person has to consider, why is that? I don’t have an answer to that right now but this is something we should all keep a collective eye on.



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