5 Times Ariana Grande Slayed in 2018

Cameron Lee Cowan
2 min readDec 27, 2018

Ariana Grande has had a tough year. From almost getting married to SNL star Pete Davidson to getting unnecessary backlash after the death of Mac Miller to having to handle the Manchester shooting fallout, she has truly been a symbol of resilience this year. Here’s our top 5 moments she slayed in 2018.

Thank You………Next!

The Snow is Coming Down

This year, Ariana did carpool karaoke with James Corden and participated in his annual Christmas mash-up of all the year’s past artists. Not only does she sing well but she seems to genuinely enjoy it.

Sometimes She Can Slay Just by Existing

How many divas can just show up in great books, give great face and not sing a note? Not too many but Ariana really can do anything can’t she?

Woman of the Year

Billboard awarded her Woman of the Year and she definitely deservers it but her speech upon receiving the award can take us all in 2019. She’s humble, self-effacing, and admits that while this has been the biggest year for her career, her personal life has been interesting.

And Then There’s the Music

Although she chose not to tour Sweetner this year, this has not stopped the pop singer from putting out great tracks and getting all the attention that she deserves.

We can’t wait to see how the pop goddess will bless us in 2019. According to her, new music and full combined tour is coming. Let’s hope that 2019 is her year to make more of her success and have some peace on all fronts. We’ll be looking for fresh slay-age in 2019!

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